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HPS Fireside Chats: Keeping Businesses Strong Amid a Financial and Human Crisis

COVID-19 created both a financial crisis and a human crisis for local businesses. Fortunately, organizations like the Waukesha County Business Alliance exist to support its members through times of prosperity as well as challenging times.

Waukesha County Business Alliance president and CEO Suzanne Kelley joined HPS CEO Terry Rowinski to discuss what local businesses are experiencing and how the membership organization has responded with increased advocacy efforts and intentional outreach to ensure member businesses are supported and connected during this unprecedented time.

Suzanne details how Waukesha County Business Alliance is navigating the crisis and shares insight on topics such as:

  • What businesses are facing due to the pandemic and financial crisis
  • How the Business Alliance is engaging its membership amid social distancing
  • How to steer difficult conversations and differing viewpoints among members
  • What advice they’re giving business leaders to help them withstand increased pressure and uncertainty
  • ...and more!

This discussion is on the latest episode of HPS Fireside Chats, a healthcare and business interview series based on the idea that learning from one another is the best way to prepare for what’s to come in the healthcare industry at this critical juncture in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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