HPS Fireside Chats: Rethinking Opportunities to Protect What Matters

In a few short months, we experienced a global health pandemic followed by an economic recession. Both events put into sharp focus what we hold valuable and how well we’re protected. 

Independent Insurance Agents of Wisconsin CEO Matt Banaszynski joined HPS CEO Terry Rowinski to discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted independent insurance agents and their clients. The insurance industry seemingly transformed overnight with more digital tools to meet client needs. While there are growing pains, evolving and adapting has helped the industry begin its next chapter. 

Matt shared his insights on the challenges and opportunities facing the insurance industry, including:

  • How COVID-19 ushered a digital transformation in insurance
  • Changing demographics among independent insurance agents
  • What employers should be thinking about in 2021
  • Supporting mental health for employees and clients
  • ...and more!

This discussion is on the latest episode of HPS Fireside Chats, a healthcare and business interview series based on the idea that learning from one another is the best way to prepare for what’s to come in the healthcare industry at this critical juncture in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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