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Rowinski named as CEO At Health Payment Systems

MILWAUKEE (Jan. 3, 2017) – Health Payment Systems, Inc. (HPS), a Milwaukee-based company that enhances
the health care billing experience for consumers, employers and providers, today announced the appointment
of Terry Rowinski as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and President of HPS. Jay Fulkerson will remain as a strategic
advisor and board member for the company.

Rowinski joined HPS in 2014 as Chief Information Officer to enhance IT and operational infrastructure at HPS. In
2016, he became President and Chief Operating Officer for HPS, focusing on driving growth and business
strategy to guide day-to-day operations of the business. Rowinski has over 25 years of experience in technology,
and business operations, driving substantial business growth, while fostering a culture of employee engagement
and collaboration.

Fulkerson, formerly CEO of United Healthcare’s Central Region, and prior to that, CEO of Touchpoint Health Plan,
joined HPS in 2011 as Executive Vice President. In 2013, he became President and CEO, leading the company
through a tremendous period of growth and profitability. He drove the significant expansion of the HPS provider
network across Wisconsin, now encompassing over 96 percent of all health care providers in this market.
“Jay’s leadership, passion for simplifying the patient experience in health care, and vision for the company have
been invaluable,” said Paul Zucarelli, Chairman of the HPS Board.

Fulkerson and Rowinski’s collaboration has put HPS in a position of strength to drive increasing client value for
2018 and beyond. Together they have directed the company toward building and enhancing HPS’s partnerships
with employers, providers, consultants and payers in the market.

That cohesive focus has led to the company’s most successful year to date in collaborating with providers to
define economic value from HPS, resulting in improved health care provider contracts, ultimately enhancing the
value of HPS to all constituents in the market. Rowinski has also initiated HPS 3.0 to develop and deploy
technology-centric components of the HPS product to support the continuing needs of an evolving health care
market, burdened with increasing patient responsibility.

“We’ve effectively implemented the succession planning of Terry to CEO and we are excited about HPS’s
successful future under his leadership,” said Fulkerson.

Health Payment Systems (HPS) is a privately-held health care technology and services organization offering
solutions to enhance the consumer health care billing and payments experience, while driving value to health
care providers, health insurance companies and employers. Its patented solutions enable one statement, one
payment and one place to call, making HPS the clear solution to health care confusion. HPS is led by CEO and
President Terry Rowinski, and to date has processed over $1.5 billion in claims. It is headquartered in Milwaukee,
Wisconsin. To learn more, visit hps.md.