Our Commitment to You

Our Commitment to You

At HPS, our team is committed to providing faster payment of both plan and member allowed amounts than any other solution in the marketplace. This blog will give you insight into what we do for you, as a provider.

Patient Debt

Partnership with providers is more than rate and discount negotiation. We know that your main priority should be patient care, so we commit to assuming responsibility for some of the unavoidable, but lower-priority items that can be tedious—patient billing and collections. Over the past 10 years, HPS has assumed responsibility for over $240 million in patient debt. 

Payment Turnaround

With the assumption of responsibility for patient billing and collections, we focus on getting payments faster. Our top priority for you, as a provider? Providing you payment (both plan and member portions) for clean claims almost always within 20 days.

In 2018, we averaged 14.7 business days for full payment. By taking this responsibility off your plate, we not only increase payment turnaround time, but also allow you to focus on what really matters.

Provider Profile

Making sure your provider profile is up to date on our member site makes it easy for members to find you. Take a look at our provider directory to ensure your listing is current. 

To make changes to your listing, contact us at providerupdates@hps.md

As one of the providers in our network, your patient billing and collections are handled by HPS, members can easily find and utilize your services and our team is always here to support you