The State of Our Wisconsin Provider Network Today

The State of Our Wisconsin Provider Network Today

Our network is strong and provides excellent value to its members, and we are constantly striving for improvement. Adding providers to our network is one of the ways we continue to improve value for our members and, as a provider, being a part of our network benefits you as well.

This blog will discuss the current state of our network and what we are doing for members today.

Member Utilization

Our innovative reimbursement methods, such as value-based, bundled fees, encourage members to utilize the services available to them in their provider network. Currently, throughout our primary service area (see map), we are achieving 94.6% member utilization. 

Providers in Our Network

We are contracted with providers in two-thirds of Wisconsin counties. This currently includes 96 hospital facilities and 22,600 individual providers, covering all major physician specialties. As we increase the breadth of our network, members have more providers available to them, further encouraging the use of their benefits.

As we partner with more and more providers, our network strength and member utilization continue to increase. Contact us to learn more about what HPS has to offer providers today!

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