HPS Members Share Their Feedback

Hundreds of HPS members were surveyed in 2019 about their satisfaction with HPS and the SuperEOB®. This blog summarizes the results of that survey—read on to learn how over 700 Wisconsin families feel about their healthcare experience with HPS.


Do you believe that today’s medical billing practices (bills from doctors and EOBs from insurance companies) are easily to use and/or understand? 

Yes: 18%

No: 81%

N/A: 1%

A lack of clarity around who to pay and why, unexpected bills, and collection notices without getting bills are all reasons listed for why today's medical billing practices are not easy to use or understand.


Do you believe that the HPS SuperEOB is a better tool (than what you had prior to the SuperEOB) for understanding your healthcare expenses?

Yes: 91%

No: 6%

N/A: 3%

While the majority of HPS members agree that traditional medical billing practices are difficult and/or confusion, even more concur that the HPS SuperEOB is a better tool than what they’ve had in the past for understanding their expenses.


Do you believe that the HPS SuperEOB is a better tool (than what you had prior to the SuperEOB) for paying for your healthcare expenses?

Yes: 93%

No: 5%

N/A: 2%

Similarly, the vast majority of HPS members feel that the SuperEOB is a better tool for paying their healthcare bills, than what they’ve had in the past. Reasons listed include interest-free loans, ability to use credit cards, and ability to use Apple pay.


Do you believe that the HPS SuperEOB limits your understanding of your healthcare expenses? 

Yes: 7%

No: 91%

N/A: 2%

We were happy to see this result, as our aim with the SuperEOB is to improve understanding of healthcare. However, a few of our members feel the simplicity of the SuperEOB equates to a lack of information. We appreciate that feedback, and that information can be easily found on our online member portal website.


Do you believe that the HPS SuperEOB limits your ability to pay for your healthcare expenses? 

Yes: 11%

No: 88%

N/A: 1%

Again, we appreciate the feedback of the minority of members who feel the SuperEOB limits their ability to pay for their expenses—but, interestingly the reasons cited relate directly to the benefits of the HPS network. 

For instance, some members mentioned the inability to work with their provider to get a discount; however, that is simply the nature of our provider network. We secure such favorable discounts with our network of providers, there isn’t room for additional negotiations at the patient level.


On a scale of 0-10, with 0 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, what is the likelihood you would recommend the HPS SuperEOB to a family member or friend to help them manage their healthcare expenses?

9-10: 83%

7-8: 9%

0-6: 8%

We’re thrilled that so many of our members would happily recommend HPS to a family member or friend, and want to thank all of our HPS customers and members.