Pharmacy Benefit Managers to Support Your Self-Funded Clients

Top pharmacy benefit managers

When it comes to building an effective self-funded insurance plan for your client, they need your help assembling the perfect team. Your client will need to select a pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) to administer their prescription drug program. These third-party administrators process and pay prescription drug claims and help manage your client’s drug formulary.

Below is a list of pharmacy benefit managers we recommend for your self-funded clients.


Top Pharmacy Benefit Managers for Self-Funded Health Insurance

FlexScripts Administrators

FlexScripts is dedicated to managing and controlling employers’ annual drug spend. They oversee implementation, eligibility setup and ongoing maintenance. Learn more>>>

Navitus Health Solutions

Navitus aligns performance with the plan sponsors’ benefit goals to deliver comprehensive clinical programs and cost-saving strategies that lower drug trend and promote good member health. Learn more>>>


ScoutRx is a dedicated collection of Pharmacy Benefit professionals delivering revolutionary solutions to drastically reduce the pharmacy benefit costs for our plan sponsors and their members. Learn more>>>

ServeYou Rx

ServeYou Rx designs and delivers custom prescription drug management services that are both cost-effective and clinically appropriate with flexible, client-specific solutions. Learn more>>>

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